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Press Release: Faith "Speak The Word "

Speak The Word is the mesmerizing new spoken word album from Faith, a poet speaking the word of God, and produced by California-based Joel Piper.
Having begun writing the album at the start of the pandemic in March 2020, Faith took
inspiration from many of the ongoing issues. The first single was released at the beginning of the same month, and the video was released two weeks later.
Faith has been praying and declaring the word of God from a young age. At seventeen
she had seen evidence that prayer works. She began to lead her life by faith and learned to stand on the Word. After she migrated to California, she continued a prayerful way of life and saw powerful manifestations of prayer and faith in her community. Faith keeps closely engaged with the Lord and enjoys her daily walks with Him.

The story behind the album is heartwarming and soulful. Faith has always had compassion to minister to people in need and has loved speaking into people’s lives and seeing them impacted with the Word of God. She would spend ten hours on the phone praying with others, and even took up counseling, but this turned out to be unsustainable. Eventually she decided to start recording for friends and family and discovered that this had more power to change lives thus identifying her calling.

When asked about the inspiration behind the album Faith responded that each song felt “like it came from the Holy Spirit” guiding her through such difficult times as the pandemic and lockdown. Within the album she found strength to explore themes like losing loved ones, going through career instability, and facing constant health threats. In the face of these obstacles Faith knew that the Holy Spirit would enlighten people to understand purpose and reveal Himself. On the track ‘Arise Come Alive’, Faith explained that by ‘Come Alive’, she meant that one can resurrect things that might be deemed dead or dormant. In God’s heart things can come alive again, as He can bring life to things that seem gone. With Covid-19 and the amount of spare time everyone had to reflect, people’s desires and talents were resurrected and with no distractions in the way Faith found it to be the perfect opportunity to explore such things.

On the tracks ‘What Is Love’ and ‘Loved by My Heavenly Father’, Faith explores God’s
calling and following it to find who He is calling you to be. Following Him can give us a
deeper understanding of the word ‘love’. Faith tells that once we accept His love, we are in a better position to love others, and love in a true way. True love is found in His company, having received a true revelation of ‘the love of the Father’ can set you free or bring a new level of freedom into your life. In these times with a lot more absent fathers, this revelation of the love of the Father is becoming critical to breakthroughs in people’s lives.

Also included on the album is something of a legacy for the younger generation: the future of this world. Faith speaks of a prophecy of the young people being on fire, impassioned for God and spreading His good Word. They will rise up for God’s kingdom. The track ‘Hearts on Fire’ seeks to imbue this prophecy in their hearts. They will be bold and fearless as they stand on His Word and rise up to the problems their generation will face. A significant part of Faith’s ministry on the album is to equip the young people to make history.

The impact Faith hopes to leave on her audience is for them to see changes in their life. Spoken word has the power to motivate others to repeatedly speak the Word from which they will see their lives improve. Her advice to enact change is to “take the Word of God relevant to a situation and pray the Word of God until it changes”. Faith has found that actions and thoughts become positive output into the world, and on one’s life. She hopes to leave us with the importance of remembering God’s word impressed upon us so that we might refocus our thoughts on Him. This might be in the form of putting scriptures on walls, bags, vision boards, mini cards, and remembering and meditating on them. Faith’s album is one such way of remembering Him.

Speak The Word Album Promo Video
Speak The Word Album
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