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Faith A. Hailsham

My Vision

is to be an effective and radical agent of change to the world in order to advance the kingdom of God into lives and organizations around the globe’.

– Faith A. Hailsham

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God's leading lady

London born Faith, fondly known as God’s Leading Lady or Lady Faith by her friends, lived in Nigeria until she was eighteen.

At an early age Faith realized the power of prayer. When only age 11, at boarding school, she became closer to the Lord and started to call on him for everything. Prayer was her hope and she began to depend on God for her basic and every day needs including food and school fees to the extent where prayer became her everyday life. Even her birth was as a result of prayer and Faith lives a life that is demonstrative of her name.

After receiving the revelation that her life was in God’s hands and not man’s Faith increased the intensity of her spiritual warfare prayers. She saw God work miraculously in her life in her return to the UK also with work and home provision.

Working as an accountant in industry , Faith remained a Woman of prayer and supplication and often declared to the world how great and mighty her God is. Her Life has been built on the foundation of prayer and she oozed with testimony after testimony about how she lived with a close relationship to God by engaging in prayer. She often saw things happen in unusual ways that could only have been God’s divine intervention in the situation.




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